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“We have been partners with Roadrunner Commercial Services for over 7 years and really appreciate all the services provided by Tony and his staff. Any investment property you might own is really much more than an investment; it’s a business that needs and deserves a focus and attention to detail of someone who does it all day, everyday, 24/7. Tony is that guy for us, and he has delivered results. I highly recommend Roadrunner.”

Don Keefe Jr.

President, Sunny Hollow Ventures, LLC.

“Tony Rosell went to great lengths to help me when my building looked for new tenants and managing existing tenants. I have always received quality service at this property management service company and Tony’s extended help is a prime example of this. He knew just what to do to solve the building and related tenants concern, problem solving quickly and restore the reputation and keep building without any vacancy so far.

Such a great service builds great working and personal relationships. I will ask him to manage my properties once I buy more buildings and it is great honor to get him for my property management services. ”

Jaewoo Nam

Managing Director, Doublekey Properties LLC

“Tony is the kind of businessman that can look a person directly in the eyes , with sincerity and clearly and skillfully express himself and the desires of the owners with much success.

It took very little time to  realize that Tony was trustworthy and loyal. Tony’s ability to work with contractors to complete tasks is exceptional.  He definitely wears an owners hat, and negotiates deftly and persuasively. The test of a good manager is not when you have a building that gives you little trouble , the test of a great manager is when you don’t even know you own the building.  This is the kind of management I have experienced with the Roadrunner Commercial.”

Larry Hopfenspirger

“Tony has managed Humboldt Square Shopping Center for the past 5 years. Over that period Tony was able to turn over 26% vacant building into a 95% cash flowing property, with National Credit Tenants.

My building was running at a loss before Tony took over. I was afraid it might go into foreclosure. Now, it is running quite profitably! I’m very happy with Tony’s management of the property and would highly recommend him.”

Mark H Haymaker

President , Haymaker Construction ,inc